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Sustainability Is Our Mission

Happy Love A Tree Day! To mark this holiday, we would like to provide a breakdown of SupperBell's eco-friendly practices, and our efforts to keep sustainability at the forefront of every order we deliver! It is well known that sustainable practices are difficult to follow for the restaurant industry as a whole. However, since our beginnings, we have endeavored to bridge the gap between respect for the natural world and delicious, restaurant-quality food delivered to your door. For starters, nearly all of the packaging used to transport your meal is compostable. Trays for food that is reheated are also oven safe, which allows you to save time from transferring to another container and, better yet, do your part in conserving water waste...

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How to Make the Ultimate Sandwich

Your Guide to Reaching Sandwich Nirvana By: Chef Frank BonannoFrom: Dining Out   In honor of National Sandwich Day (Sunday, November 3), we asked Bonanno for his tips on how to make the ultimate sandwich. THE BREAD: “A sandwich is all about the bread,” Bonanno says. Go for a soft (not crunchy) baguette. If your baguette or bread is too thick, remove some of the middle.   THE MEATS Slice your meats paper-thin, and don’t be afraid to insist upon this at the deli. “You have to stand up for your sandwich,” Bonanno says. If you’re buying salami or prosciutto, make sure they’re sliced extra thin and layered individually on parchment paper. Otherwise, they’ll stick together. High-quality is important, and Boar’s Heads meats...

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Chocolate Budino Recipe

Celebrate National Chocolate Day (and every other day) with this creamy Italian pudding. By: Chef Frank BonannoFrom: Frank's Journal   Budino is an Italian custard similar to a pudding, with your choice of flavorings. Of course we recommend chocolate, but you can get creative and use whatever you have handy in your kitchen.  Serve in individual bowls with spiked whipped cream and wafer crisps to impress your dinner guests, or dig right into the pan for a weeknight treat. Either way, this easy dessert is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth!   FRANK'S NOTES This recipe couldn’t be simpler to execute. The key is in the whisking.Do you know how to make basic whipped cream? Use an electric mixer to whip 1 cup heavy cream...

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Denver Chili Recipe

Comfort food just in time for cooler weather.  By: Chef Frank BonannoFrom: Frank's Journal   As temperatures fall and leaves begin to turn, we find ourselves reaching for more comforting dishes. Classics like chili, chicken pot pie and cheesy casseroles come to mind. And as a warm welcome to fall, we're sharing Chef Frank's Denver Chili recipe, with green chiles of course.   Green chile peppers are more prevalent in the Western/Southwestern regions of the U.S. You'll find them roasted and made into chilis for smothering just about everything from burritos to eggs and cheeseburgers.    We find that Frank's rendition with pork is best served with warm tortillas and a dollop of sour cream. Other delicious accompaniments include cornbread, rice, roasted potatoes or...

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Transparency About Driver Gratuity

How we handle and distribute tips collected for drivers   In light of recent conversations about driver gratuity, we think it is important for us to let our customers know how we handle tips.  Unlike many delivery operations, SupperBell employs our own drivers. Tips given by customers are held by the company until the next scheduled payroll, then are distributed to drivers through the company's payroll process. Driver hourly wages are paid consistent with their hourly rate, and are mutually independent of tipping. Pay rate does not go up or down in relation to driver gratuity. 100% of tips are paid out to employees, and no amount of tips are retained by the company. We have always understood any other difference...

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