SupperBell & Corvus Coffee Posted on 03 Jun 17:17

Eat well, drink well, be well. At SupperBell we pride ourselves on helping the Denver community eat better by delivering reasonably priced, freshly prepared meals to your door. It's important to us that our customers are well fed and better able to gather their families around the dinner table. When choosing ingredients, we look for high quality, and we look to local makers and growers. So you can imagine the importance we put into selecting brands to partner with. Such was the sentiment when we reached out to Corvus Coffee

We believe they are coffee superstars with a huge conscience. And, we love that! Corvus is a small-batch roaster in the heart of Denver. They believe in working with single estate and privately owned farms and working closely with them to improve working conditions and encourage more sustainable practices. Not to mention, they use a fully manual roaster! 

You can now find their cold brew coffees for sale at SupperBell. Getting your morning brew has never been easier than adding it to your cart the night before and popping it in the fridge for morning while you enjoy a chef-prepared meal from our kitchen to yours. Two flavors are now available for delivery: Rwanda Cold Brew and Hopped Cold Brew. You can find them on our menu here -- we can't wait for you to discover how delicious they are. Cheers!