Hey there, Denver!

June 22, 2015

We’ve been working long days and nights to cook up our food tech concept since the beginning of 2015, but regrettably haven’t been letting our friends in on the fun we’ve been having. Thus, the SupperBell blog begins.

We’ll use our blog to discuss our favorite topics of food, technology, and “food tech”. We’ll share announcements, customer promotions, recipes, cooking tips, pictures, and videos.

We’ll also mention random facts. For example: SupperBell is one of 17 businesses, out of about 67,000 licensed in Denver, that accepts Bitcoin as payment. (Kinda cool, eh?)

We thank you for the warm welcome, Mile High City! We sell out of menu items almost daily and see about 40% of orders coming from repeat customers. We are thrilled to be emerging as Denver’s premier meal delivery service.

Eat Deliciously Every Day!