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Today's announcement and press coverage: Frank Bonanno, SupperBell Culinary Director!

Ever heard of Frank Bonanno?

He’s been covered in the local and national press hundreds of times. So, you may already know that he is one of Denver’s most renowned restaurant proprietors. He has a few handfuls of concepts in Denver - three of which have been on Zagat’s prestigious “America’s Top Restaurants” survey; one of which is ranked seventh on Conde Nast Traveler’s “The Greatest Bars in the World” listing.

The SupperBelll team has been spending a lot of time with Frank over the last several months. We think we’ve figured out the approach that has made him successful: he grooms kitchens and chefs to national acclaim by curating recipes to an uncompromising personal standard.

We’re thrilled to say that he took a mutual interest in SupperBell. He has recognized that our crew has put together something special for Denver, in creating a same-day delivery platform from our own kitchen for chef-made dinners that rival the finest restaurants.

Frank and SupperBell put a partnership to the test. Personally, I can’t complain about the process. It has involved eating a lot of food that Frank himself has cooked, including at his own house and from his own kitchen.

And so, ladies and gentlemen, we have an exciting outcome to report. Frank has announced that he has joined our team as Culinary Director.

Frank - and his SupperBell team - are all about the food.

Welcome to the team, Frank.

Please see Chef Frank Bonanno’s creations on our revolving SupperBell menu. Please also click on images below to read press coverage from today's announcement...


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