Dinnerbomb: A Fun Way to Give Back Posted on 08 Feb 18:35

We LOVE Denver and every person, tree, puppy dog, and hungry tummy in it. So of course we want to give back to our beloved city as much as we can. Giving back to our community is a huge part of who we are and our mission. We're a small business with big aspirations. And, we've come up with a few ways to make an impact. The funnest way we've found? Dinnerbombing. No, we don't mean showing up to your best friend's romantic date night unannounced. 

A SupperBell dinnerbomb is a playful way to surprise someone you love, someone who needs love, or someone who deserves or has earned love. Love in the form of fresh, chef-inspired meals delivered to their door. You get the idea, right? Every week we deliver meals, on the house, to people we appreciate, including firemen and policemen, and to people who need a little extra care, like the hungry souls at the Denver Rescue Mission. After all, feeding people is our favorite thing to do!

Who wouldn't want something like this dropped off at their door?

fresh food delivery fresh food delivery

Who doesn't love to see smiling faces like these?

dinnerbomb dinnerbomb

Well, we do. It warms our hearts and fuels our engines to see happy faces when we deliver fresh food to our fellow Denverites. Especially when the meal lands in the hands of a person in need or one who has worked hard for the benefit of our community. 

Let us know if you'd like to set up a dinnerbomb of your own and send someone you care about some yummy food. If you've got a great idea about how we can give back to our community, we'd love to hear about it. Visit our Community Outreach page and give us the details. Or follow us on Facebook and check our latest!