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Sustainability Is Our Mission

Happy Love A Tree Day!

To mark this holiday, we would like to provide a breakdown of SupperBell's eco-friendly practices, and our efforts to keep sustainability at the forefront of every order we deliver!

It is well known that sustainable practices are difficult to follow for the restaurant industry as a whole. However, since our beginnings, we have endeavored to bridge the gap between respect for the natural world and delicious, restaurant-quality food delivered to your door.

Compostable containers for storing and heating your meals.

For starters, nearly all of the packaging used to transport your meal is compostable. Trays for food that is reheated are also oven safe, which allows you to save time from transferring to another container and, better yet, do your part in conserving water waste from cleaning those extra dirty dishes.

One item we've gone back and forth on to find an environmentally friendly solution is the bags in which your meals are delivered. By mid-2015, we had completed our first hundreds of deliveries that were riddled with broken bags and crushed or exploded meals, soiled delivery driver cars and clothes, and dirtied customer thresholds. Given our need to keep deliveries cold during transport, we realized that paper or compostable bags were incompatible with our ability to deliver well-intact orders, and separately had concluded that a reusable bag solution could not be implemented without untenable expense to us and our customers. Despite our disappointments in these regards, we have endeavored to find plastic bags that are not only accepted at local supermarkets for recycling, but are made using post-consumer recycled waste. Our customers have also noticed how useful our custom-ordered, strong bags are for re-use!

Having drivers on the road delivering your meals also means we have to be conscious of our fossil fuel use. Because our model is "same-day", versus "on-demand", we are able to carefully plan our driver routes throughout the Denver area after they pay a single visit to our kitchen. This is a much better alternative than their driving back and forth, from kitchen to customer address, countless times through the evening. By our delivery model, we significantly reduce emissions in comparison to our peers in the food delivery industry.

We're able to use far less non-renewable energy sources by letting our dining room be yours! As a kitchen-only, virtual restaurant with no dining area of our own, we eliminate waste and leave a much smaller carbon footprint by our operation.

Our ingredients are sourced as much as possible from local farmers and distributors. This allows us to offer fresh options for you and support our local economy, as well! 

We have the unique opportunity to plan our food sourcing more carefully than restaurants and greatly reduce food waste in a way that dine-in restaurants cannot. When we have made food for our customers that has not been ordered, we are able to donate meals to those in need or provide for our staff as an employment perk.

All of this to say, it's not a walk in the park to make sure every single aspect of SupperBell is environmentally-friendly. However, we're doing our best - with every delicious meal we deliver - to make sure we embrace sustainable practices.

 We promise we will never cease our efforts to bridge that gap!


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