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Meet The SupperBell Chefs! Posted on 28 Mar 19:41 , 0 comments

This week, we spent some time in the kitchen getting to know our chefs. The hustle and bustle and flavors and aromas were impressive! Our chefs chopped, sautéed, and even danced passionately as they prepared orders for the evening.

Our kitchen is an unusual space compared to restaurant kitchens. Each week we feature a new menu for meal delivery, and each week Chef Cristino and Chef Bonanno compose a new symphony of dishes. Sometimes repeating favorites, sometimes developing new recipes for the menu. The kitchen staff brings them to fruition. And so, it was a joy getting to know them. This week we’ll feature Carsen in our Meet The Chefs feature.


 SupperBell Chef SupperBell Kitchen


Favorite song while you work? “Goodbye Horses” by Q Lazzarus. Whenever the song plays in the kitchen, we all start dancing while we work. I love it! With all the commotion in the kitchen a little comic relief is always appreciated. We have such a fun, yet hard working team.

What’s your food philosophy? I believe “food is thy medicine.” That most ailments can be cured through eating better. And, I believe eating well is important. Not only for one’s health but also for the environment. I believe in using organic vegetables and grass-fed meats, and I try to cook with the seasons. I also love Dan Barber’s concept “the third plate.” Check it out!

Why do you love cooking? Cooking is therapeutic. I can simply focus on what’s in front of me-- what I’m chopping, the aromas from the pan, and how the food transforms as I cook. While I also enjoy other creative outlets, like drawing, I really enjoy the immediate gratification that cooking provides. You begin with raw ingredients and end with a piece of art that stimulates all the senses in 30 minutes. I also love cooking from my garden. It’s wonderful to grow fresh vegetables in your own backyard, harvest them, and create a gratifying meal for you and your family.

What’s always in your fridge/pantry? Lemons, almond butter, avocados, hummus, 85% dark chocolate, and tea.

Favorite cookbooks? I buy cookbooks faster than I read them and stack them high in my kitchen. I’ve created a leaning tower of cookbooks. Currently, I’m cooking my way through Sarah Britton’s My New Roots: Inspired Plant-Based Recipes for Every Season.

What is your favorite food memory from childhood and why? I grew up in Connecticut. Some of my most vibrant memories of childhood are wandering through the maple forest across the street from our home and finding wild raspberries and honeysuckle. My siblings and I could hardly wait til the raspberries were ripe. I still love them as much as I did then.

What makes SupperBell unique, and why do you love working here? I love our team. Not just the kitchen staff, but everyone in Marketing and Operations as well. All of us are passionate about food. I’m so grateful to work with like-minded individuals who appreciate my favorite pastime as much as I do. And I believe this is what makes us unique. It translates into our service and our food. We’re reinventing meal delivery.

Come back soon and see what’s new! SupperBell is growing fast and so is our team. We are so excited to introduce some of the faces behind the food! Cristino and others are up next on our Meet the Chefs feature. We’ll be sharing recipes, happenings, and food musings too.

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