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Seasonable SupperBell | Chef-Crafted Spring Dinners Delivered To You Posted on 25 Mar 10:51 , 0 comments

It's officially spring! The trees are budding, early blooms are coloring our sidewalks, and Denver just made it through a fierce blizzard. A healthy dose of wet weather this time of year is a necessary precursor to spring abundance. The much welcome moisture promises a lush, early summer and ideal conditions for planting our gardens. Something every green-thumbed Denverite values. Colorado's weather is extreme and less forgiving to gardeners' efforts. You can be sure chefs appreciate this too. I'll even dare to say, a true chef should garden and have a deep understanding of how our food grows. 

Yes, vegetables and fruits of all kinds are available year round. But not every vegetable is the best choice to compose the most flavorful dish. Tomatoes just taste better at the end of summer, when they are bursting red and have struggled hard to produce a few juicy, sweet fruits. And spring is all about crunchy greens, cool-weather root vegetables like carrots, radishes, and beets, bitter asparagus, and artichokes. At SupperBell, Frank Bonanno and his team of chefs take Mother Nature's queues when composing a menu. We look to her when choosing the freshest and most flavorful fruits and vegetables. You'll notice we try hard to incorporate the very best of the season into our dishes and onto your plate. 

This week, we are featuring a Roasted Beet & Shishito Salad. Full of roasted, jewel-colored beauties, this dish celebrates one of spring's favorite vegetables: beets. We hope to deliver this nutritious and fresh chef-prepared meal to your home Monday evening. Look for more in-season meals on SupperBell each week.

And remember, if you're headed to the hills for the weekend, we've got your getaway meals covered with our new early delivery window on Fridays. 

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