Transparency About Driver Gratuity

August 28, 2019


In light of recent conversations about driver gratuity, we think it is important for us to let our customers know how we handle tips. 

Unlike many delivery operations, SupperBell employs our own drivers. Tips given by customers are held by the company until the next scheduled payroll, then are distributed to drivers through the company’s payroll process. Driver hourly wages are paid consistent with their hourly rate, and are mutually independent of tipping. Pay rate does not go up or down in relation to driver gratuity.

100% of tips are paid out to employees, and no amount of tips are retained by the company. We have always understood any other difference in our approach to this practice as being illegal. SupperBell has not changed its policy since instituting driver gratuities in February of 2017. (see more below)

Culinary Chauffers. Delivery Ambassadors. Careful Couriers of the Chef Handcrafts!

19 FEB 2017

We’ve come to realize how much both our Customers and our Chefs appreciate the calculated, dedicated work of the SupperBell Drivers! They… hand-pack and ultra-chill each customer bag with fury… dash into the most rush-hour, traffic-laden window of road congestion… surmount snow-hell, high water, staircases and elevator cars… dodge raging dogs, sleeping babies, clueless spouses, curiously unlit alleys and unmarked duplexes… employ on-the-fly maneuvers to carefully deposit five-star meals for their clients, whether a single entree or a cart-loaded dinner party… and truly, express severe self-disappointment on the rare occasions that they cause an error.

Okay, you get it. SupperBell’s drivers MAKE or BREAK SupperBell, even though they passionately strive to MAKE… and categorically never BREAK… SupperBell.

One of our most frequent customer complaints has been that drivers cannot be tipped during online checkout.

We’ve realized that we need to improve the SupperBell culture in a way that better celebrates our Drivers, follows industry practices, and even listens to what Emily Post has to say about gratuity

Customers, Driver Gratuity has been enabled for online checkout.

Drivers, we appreciate you!