SupperBell’s order and delivery process is wholly web-based. Place your order for dinner on our menu page by adding the dishes you’d like to your shopping cart (i.e., the green bag on the top right of the page). Click on your shopping cart when you’re ready to place your order. You will be able to select the day and delivery time window (e.g., 4-5pm, etc), for the current week, that you’d like to have your food delivered.

Yes*. If you’d like to add items, change delivery dates or times, special instructions, or even cancel your order, you can call us at (844) 787-7372 or email us as at team@supperbell.com.
*Please note - accommodating order changes on the day of scheduled delivery is challenging after 12pm (when final kitchen prep has begun) and not possible after 3pm (when deliveries have begun).

Unfortunately, no. Our operations model strictly prevents us from being able to do this.

As a company, we try to be as earth-friendly as possible in our operations and with our packaging. We use compostable, non-GMO, tree-free, bleach-free, and chlorine-free packaging made from renewable plant fibers for almost all of our entrees.

Unlike many of our competitors, we offer a subscription-free service. Order on demand!

different sides...more sauce or dressing...ingredient changes or removals…etc
Unfortunately, no. This is due to our well-polished, end-to-end operations process. We could not offer an entire menu of made-from-scratch, blast-chilled, items...available for delivery until 3pm daily...if we began accepting special meal requests. We wholeheartedly apologize for any inconvenience this presents, and would love to hear any recommendations our customers may have on future menu items or menu changes!

We feel your pain! We try to accommodate the most common allergen free options - gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian - on an ongoing basis. You can view our menu items that have these designations by clicking on the "Browse:" drop-down box at the top right of the main menu page. We also make every attempt to disclose if other common allergens (e.g., nuts, eggs, fish, etc) are used in our recipes, as can be seen on our menu item descriptions. Please contact us for specific questions before you order - we may need to speak with the Chef before we can provide you details.

Please also keep in mind that meals are prepared in a kitchen where allergens (nuts, wheat, dairy, etc) may be present. Our kitchen staff is as careful as possible in trying to prepare meals without allowing allergens to come in contact with other ingredients.

Each entree contains one adult portion (approximately 12-16 oz). The kids’ meals are generously sized for a young lass or lad. The family meals generously feed two adults and two to three children.

Unfortunately, we can’t yet provide the kind of detailed nutrition information on our products that one may find on a store-bought, mass produced reheatable meal. While restaurants are not required to disclose nutrition information, they are subject to stringent regulation if they choose to do so. SupperBell has not yet made the significant investments in in-house staff and equipment that is required to assert to detailed nutrition labeling. That said, all of our foods will pack nutritional punch given our love for vegetables and lean meats, but keep in mind...if if it looks high-calorie, it probably is (e.g., creamy mashed yukon potatoes or heavy sauces)...ditto for high-fat, high-carb, low-calorie, low-fat, low carb, etc....

We change our menu weekly to offer the freshest and most in-season dishes as possible and to provide you with numerous options to choose from. Our menu is available for view for the following week on Friday evenings at 6:30pm.

Yes. Orders require a $10 minimum in menu items.

Yes, $2.95 on all orders in our current delivery zone.

We deliver Monday through Friday and are closed on weekends. When you are in the checkout page you can select which day of the current week you would like your food delivered and the time window that you would like your order delivered in.

No. You can have your order left on your doorstep or at your building’s reception by leaving a delivery note (special instructions) on the website checkout page. If you request this, we highly suggest that you leave a cooler for your meal (for both protection from temperature and opportunistic neighborhood predators). Drivers are equipped with GPS and routing guides, and have access to customer phone numbers, in case they need to make contact during delivery.

SupperBell has recently enabled the addition of Driver Gratuity at checkout. This is based on customer feedback and industry practices. When customers tip, they should consider the Emily Post Institute's suggested delivery driver tip of 10-15%. They should also consider extraordinary circumstances, such as: complexity of delivery, (e.g., stairs, elevators, etc) and size of delivery (i.e., as reducing the number of orders that the driver can dispatch for the evening). However, customers should be aware that tipping is optional and individual gratuity amounts are never disclosed for your delivery. This ensures a consistent level of superb service for all our customers. Please reference our blog post, Celebrating the SupperBell Drivers, that explains this recent change to our service.

On rare occasions, our kitchen staff may make slight changes to the dishes being offered. This would most likely be due to a supplier problem (e.g., shortage of a specific fresh vegetable called for in a given entree), and a like-kind replacement may be offered at the chef’s discretion. Our cooks are considerate in offering replacements that are very delicious when this happens.

Oven and microwave instructions are always provided both on the website entree description and on the meal’s packaging. Our special, compostable containers are safe to use for either method.

Reheating typically takes anywhere from 2-12 minutes, depending on the individual meal and your choice of microwave or oven heating. Cooking times may vary with your particular kitchen appliances. Heat the meals until at your desired temperature. Cut down on oven prep time by starting a 400 degree preheat when your delivery window begins.

Meals typically are prepared fresh the day of delivery, and will last in the fridge as would home-cooked leftovers. Leafy salads are best enjoyed within a day.

Click on the Gift Cards! link in the top area of our website (as shown below):

Our gift cards are electronic. As soon as one is purchased, a unique gift card code is generated. This code will be sent in a message containing gift card instructions to the email address that is provided during checkout. The message can be forwarded to anyone, and the instructions followed by any recipient to use the gift card.

For example - You want to buy Aunt Bee a SupperBell gift card for $25. You click on the link (as shown in prior FAQ), you add a gift card to your shopping cart, you checkout, you receive a gift card email, you forward (or resend) it to Aunt Bee. It’s that easy!

We do not provide physical gift cards at this time.

Once in the checkout page after you’ve selected the time and date you would like your order delivered, there is a text box on the right hand side that says “Gift card or discount code”. Enter in your gift card number here and click apply.